Impala Executive Desk

Price : $1,545.79  + VAT
Vat included : $1,669.46

With its polished structure, İmpala Executive Desk team creates a classic look for management areas. Designed for top executives, the product provides a strong and stable look. The office team with different color options sets up a comfortable working area for the user.


Impala executive desk sets are one of the models of polished office furniture made of natural wood. The classic design line is designed for senior executives and designs stylish workspaces. Impala series provides large storage space for its user with its high library. This way you can easily organize your work. As in all office furniture, the İmpala team also has a wide range of colors.


Technical Information:


  1. Impala executive desk team is made of natural wood material is polished. 
  2. The team includes seats. 
  3. The office desk consists of a desk, a library, a desk side table and a coffee table. 
  4. Bingo foot is used to prevent contact with the feet on the product feet. 
  5. A leather desk is available at the desk. 
  6. All office tools are guaranteed for 2 years.

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