Karem Metting Table

Karem Metting Table

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Karem meeting table series offers different solutions for different working groups. The product that creates more than one employee to organize together creates dynamic workspaces.

Karem modern meeting table; Designed to create functional and dynamic workspaces. Cable channel plug-ins in the middle of the desk provide personal space for each employee. This allows the user to have all their needs around. It creates a business-oriented work environment for the user of the office furniture series, which provides a fluent work space in the workflow. It organizes a high, easily accessible area within the work area. Karem meeting table; With its modular solutions, it creates a comfortable working area for its user.


Technical Information:

  1. Karem meeting tables; It measures 200 * 110 * 75h. You can make a change in the size and report your change requests in the communication section. 
  2. The wooden parts of the product are made of 1st class melamine material, all the edges are resistant to impacts with PVC edge band. 
  3. The legs of the product are made of 5 * 5 metal profiles. Color options are available. 
  4. Seats and cable channels are not included in the price.
  5. All meeting tables are guaranteed for 2 years.


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