King Wooden Executive Desk

Price : $2,345.79  + VAT
Vat included : $2,533.46

King Wooden Office Team design with effective design areas for effective and functional working areas. The King series, which has a strong appearance with its classic design line and leather details, will reflect the weight of management in office decoration.

The King series is a powerful design that fully meets the preference of classic office furniture. The team of teams developed for management areas offers a strong and decisive image. The product, which provides a classic reflection with natural wood material, provides integrity with special sewing leather details. Designed for the user in an administrative manner in the management areas, the King executive desk rovides the most comfortable working area.


Teknik Bilgiler: 

King Wooden Executive Set measures are as follows. 


The table set is made of natural wood. 

Price; desk table, file cabinet, poster and stand included.

  1. All models are guaranteed for 2 years.

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